Two Weeks Left…

…to sign up for a 4-week Ekphrasis workshop in Park Rapids, MN, Aug. 31-Sept. 24.  See my Workshop page for all the details!  Registration deadline is August 21.

Also about two weeks left before my thoughts turn back to school and teaching.  I have some fancy new technology in my room this year ( a SmartBoard), so will be doing a lot of training (and trial and error, no doubt).

The heat has finally left us, at least temporarily, and I plan to devote the next two weeks to my yard and garden.  Nothing like working outside when it’s cool and dry and there are no bugs!  Here’s a short poem about mosquitoes I wrote while on a writing retreat in a particularly swampy area a few years ago.  The mosquitoes were more intense than I have ever experienced.:

Ode to Deet

I would rather be dying slowly

from these toxic chemicals

than to be without them,

only wishing for death.

Don’t forget the online workshop Writing The Short Poem that I will be teaching for The Loft.  Class details and Online Registration–CLICK HERE

This week’s Quote:  Harm can only enter where fear makes an opening.  –Confucius

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