New Year, New Class, New Media

After a lot of ups and downs in 2012, and a fairly rocky start to 2013, things are reaching a somewhat even keel again, and I’m anxious to get going on this new era we’ve entered.  I’m looking forward to teaching a new class online for The Loft–registration is open now.  Prices have been reduced considerably, and I hope this allows more people to participate, whether in my class or in any of the marvelous classes The Loft offers.  Here’s the info:

Triggering Inspiration–Online through The Loft

February 18-April 14, 2013

Course description:

Where do poem ideas come from?  Finding a way to sustain poetry writing beyond those first emotion-driven poems that we just have to write is often the challenge facing poets who have been writing for awhile. In this course we will be reading and discussing Richard Hugo’s excellent book on poetic inspiration and poetry writing, The Triggering Town.  Each week we will read one of the book’s eight short chapters and discuss what we find there, in addition to writing a new poem from a prompt and posting it for discussion and feedback.  Poets will come out of this class with eight new poems, as well as some new tools for generating inspiration and ideas.

One scholarship available–first-come, first-served.  See registration link below.

Class details and Online Registration–CLICK HERE

In other news, I’ve had a couple of things show up in other-than-print formats lately.  Another poem of mine came up in the rotation today for Northern Community Radio’s “The Beat” poetry feature.  This poem, “Shoveling Out” came from having read an article in The New Yorker a few years ago that asserted that US bombings of Iran were imminent, and that we would be expanding the war in that region.  As I struggled with my despair over this possibility, I went out to shovel.  I realized that, just as I had avoided shoveling the snow that covered up some less-than-desirable things in the yard, I was also avoiding really looking at what was being done in my name and with my money in our supposed “war on terror.”  It was just easier not to look at it.  The metaphor  jumped off the end of the shovel and onto the page.

It’s not necessary to  know this part of the poem’s origin to understand or appreciate the poem–ultimately it can apply to any number of situations–but if you are taking the time to read this blog, the least I can do is give you a little insider info in exchange for your interest.   Cue Paul Harvey–Now you know…the rest of the story.

Finally, I was fortunate enough to be included in the first foray outside the metro of The Great Twin Cities Poetry Read Roadshow in Bemidji this past May. It was featured recently on Common Ground–our regional arts and culture TV show.
Funny how my poems are suddenly everywhere (in the local sense), though I haven’t been writing much at all.  I’d better get on it!

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