It’s been a long time since I’ve really written anything here.  I’ve been resistant to it, as I have been to most kinds of reaching out.  It seems to be a time of pulling in for me now.  Lack of light, multiple plunges into the polar vortex, and  a lot of silence have led to a kind of cocooning.  This past week I was home from work for two days with a bad cold, and then there was the weekend, and today school is canceled due to the cold and the blowing snow.  I’ve only ventured out twice in these five days, very briefly, both times blinking and squinting into the wind as if just waking up from hibernation.  This is not a bad thing. After all, the things creative people complain most about not having are space and time, right?  I’ve had both now for a few days, and I’m loathe to give them up.  There is more to cocooning than just the withdrawal, though.  Eventually, there is the emergence.

The days are getting longer and brighter (though not warmer, yet), my cold is gone, and school will be back in session tomorrow, in the full swing of a new semester.  These are not bad things, either.  I’ve enjoyed my almost-week in suspended animation, but life is calling.

Others are taking advantage of the respite, too, including Tiffany Besonen, who is making beautiful progress on our Incantation Bowls project. You can read about how she’s using her windfall of time on her blog post from today.  Spoiler alert:  she is doing this:


There will be more news about this project very soon.  It is getting ready for its own emergence.

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  1. Susan

    gorgeous! 🙂

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