Thinking about taking a class or workshop?  Here are some comments from people who have:

From Triggering Poetic Inspiration, online at The Loft:

Great writing prompts and discussion questions. Detailed feedback on poems from the teaching artist, who also did an excellent job of moderating online chats and was generous with her time (while still maintaining good boundaries). Participants were thoroughly engaged and also gave meaningful feedback on poems. LouAnn Muhm without a doubt provided the best experience I’ve had in a Loft class — and that’s saying a lot, because I’ve had a lot of great classes in-person and online.


The participants were an exceptional group and interacted well. LouAnn Muhm is a wonderful teacher/poet whose suggestions, critiques and resources are very helpful and approachable. She is encouraging of our work and very respectful when “mucking about” in our poems. I really learned the value of critiquing poetry and this is changing the way I think about my own poetry.


I have found with each poem prompt some initial resistance as this is outside my usual style/approach, but that once I get going on the process, I do find I am expanding my comfort zone and therefore my skills. Lou Ann is a very skilled and conscientious facilitator for leading us as a group and also for her warm and engaging style. Her feedback is very thoughtful.


LouAnn is a remarkable teacher. She always has the best interests of her students at heart, and takes time with each one.


We are obviously in the hands of a master teacher and the class includes some majorly-talented poets.

From “Poetry Inspired by Art” online at The Loft:

I feel I am being challenged and stretched beyond anything I’ve ever written. Instructor and students are most helpful. I’m enjoying this class–never taken one in the summer before and I find I’m more relaxed and fruitful. Can’t say enough about it.


LouAnn is great, so organized, so on top of everything, very responsive to any needs, positive yet very instructive and constructive. She is one of the best instructors I’ve had at the Loft.


Expanded my knowledge of art, also enjoyed the critiques. I feel like my writing has improved immensely. I wouldn’t change a thing about this class. Instructor is wonderful!

From “Writing the Short Poem,” online at The Loft:

I love the online atmosphere, there is less pressure to produce on a specific day of the week. There is almost greater contact because you aren’t limited to one day a week, a two hour time frame. You have access to the teacher and other students through messaging. Plus, it’s easier to see and comprehend other people’s comments and writings.


I’ve enjoyed reading all of the extra material instructor provides, very helpful and thought-provoking. The online chats make you feel connected, a good way to get to know other students. And of course, it has been good for my writing and reading, keeping me going and expanding my poetry skills.


The Loft classroom format is easy to use and extremely convenient. LouAnn’s workshop in the short poem has been challenging and engaging. Each week she provides different topics and exercises which have really helped me excel with the craft of poetry. Her feedback on work is very thorough, and she has allowed me to see my poems in a new light and to become more concise.

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